FrameALIVE is a platform that combines advanced image recognition technology to bring your pictures to life from a printed image and create all new kind of stories through video streaming in smart devices. A FrameALIVE is a picture that has been linked to a video. When you use the free FrameALIVE App to scan the picture, the linked video will play on your smart phone or tablet connected to internet. The FrameALIVE app, website and platform are patent pending worldwide.

Each FrameALIVE has two pieces, one photo and one video linked together. The magic happens when our code analyzes the picture FrameALIVE-enable, it then matches the pictures already in our database. When a match is found a video is played via on-line streaming.

Make sure that the picture you’re trying to scan is FrameALIVE-enabled. Creators and Storytellers typically provide their customers app download instructions and some place the FrameALIVE icon towards the right-bottom of the actual image. FrameALIVE app does not work on pictures that are not in our database. Make sure the picture you’re scanning is full in focus, and your Internet connection is working properly. If you’re scanning a picture and see the “PLAY” button pop up but no video appears, it’s typically due to a poor internet connection.

Apple devices running iOS 9.0 and above, including iPads. itunes.apple.com/us/app · Android devices running 5.1 or newer. play.google.com/store/app

The FrameALIVE service is used by professional content creators and storytellers. They use FrameALIVE, with their traditional printed images as a key, to ‘unlock’ a video that surprise with a more attractive experience.

If you have a specific project or idea in mind that you’d like to implement using FrameALIVE plataform, please contact us. If you have a single picture you want to link to a video, you can do it in our website. Create an Account Please visit our dashboard login page to get started.

These are the basic principles that must be followed to guarantee the success in the creation of each FrameALIVE.

People’s reaction, interviews and every unforgettable moment capture with your camera. To make a FrameALIVE more impactful, we suggest linking a photo that resembles the first frames of the video sequence. This is how the magic is created and your pictures come to life. Videos with sound enrich the experience. Keep it short. Video between 10 and 30 seconds long are better. What a Video How to Make a FrameALIVE step by step.

To create a FrameALIVE, you must upload a picture and a video in our data base, we supports the following formats for uploading: Photo: JPG (upto 5mb) - Video: MOV, MP4 (under 250 MB) However, for a great experience, we recommend uploading Video between 10 and 30 seconds long.

We highly recommend telling all kind of stories trough a printed Photo Book, adding videos to your pictures with FrameALIVE. The more pictures you show with FrameALIVE the more impactful your Photo Book will become.

There are so many different projects working with FrameALIVE here are some information: For Wedding Albums clients get from 30 to 120 pictures average. Family and Travel Photo Books get from 12 to 24 pictures average.

Wherever you want! You can do it at a photo lab or with your printing device at home.

You can upload up to 3 free FrameALIVEs. Then, you can select a package or buy one FrameALIVE at a time.

No, no subscription is needed! You only pay once, Unless you delete it.

Yes, whoever has access to the printed picture has access to the video, scanning with FrameALIVE App.

Our product is sold to Content Creators and Storytellers, including Photographers, Videographers, Filmmakers and more. For more details, please visit: Find a Plan.

FrameALIVE currently does not allow for white labeled apps for other company. We create this platform to help and expand business for all content creator and storytellers to benefit from FrameALIVE technology.